Day for Choice Breaks Records

National Day for Choice Hits Record Marks


2nd Annual Day for Choice in work, home, life breaks social media records as word for choice spreads like wildfire!

(Madison)-Tens of thousands of people worldwide tune in to A-Team U.S.A. chapters from across America as they use social media to spread the word about the importance of choice.

Emphasizing the need for a full array of work choices, A-Team members gathered in State Capitols and work centers to show why it’s so important they are able to choose where they work.

The Public Paid Attention

Social media posts reached more than 30,000 people nationwide as views of viral videos surged to more than 10,000!

Hundreds of shares are still pumping numbers upward as the effort continues.

Lawmakers Heard the Call

A-Team members followed the social media blitz with hundreds of personal contacts at legislative offices.

Legislative initiatives have begun in several states including efforts to codify a “Full Array” into statute!

The success of the 2nd Annual National Day for choice is the launching point for true success of the A-Teams bourgeoning movement!


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