A-Team U.S.A. Makes History

A-Team U.S.A. Makes History in Wisconsin


New Governor’s First Bill Signed Into Law After A-Team Member Testifies


Madison, WI—A-Team member and advocate Yael Kerzan witnessed history and received a pen used to sign Governor Tony Evers first legislative Executive Action. Act 1 removes the words “mental retardation” from all state codes encouraging the dignity of the diversely abled community.

State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) and State Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) authored the legislation. Both lawmakers have a strong history advocating for disability rights.

A-Team member Yael Kerzan testified on the antiquated and negative connotation of the (R) word and encouraged committee members to bring state codes up to date.

I am so happy you are signing this today,” Kerzan told Evers, “This is so important!”

Representative Jagler and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald moved the bill swiftly through the process where it received unanimous support in both houses.

A-Team Wisconsin worked closely with Jagler’s office and was honored to be part of this historic legislation.




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