MVPs GALORE! Friday Fun-Day Thanks to Associated Bank

Friday Fun-day! On behalf of A-Team Wisconsin and Opportunities, Incorporated, we want to thank Associated Bank for their generosity in supporting our Week for Choice! Friday was a special event, celebrated across the state and by those we serve, all of whom were gifted bobbleheads of Brewers MVP Christian Yelich! What did you do for our Fun For All Friday?

Other companies who received this donation thanks to Associated Bank include KANDU Industries Inc., Chippewa River Industries, Inc., Northwoods Incorporated of Wisconsin, and of course Green Valley Enterprises a division of Opportunities, Incorporated.

We also recognize Wisconsin Representatives Mark Born and Don Vruwink for being their own All-Stars in helping give away the bobbleheads, tour our facilities, interact with the folks to hear why they love their work, and just make the Friday even more fun. They are truly Champions For Choice!

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