(VIDEO) A Team Stream Update – February 2022 Recap

Are you aware of what’s happening in the world of advocacy so far this year? Catch up with the newest edition of our A-Team Stream Update!

Be sure to send in your clips TODAY for Developmental Disability Awareness Month if you have not yet! We are preparing a special highlight video featuring self and family advocates from across the nation! Follow the instructions below and email clips to Noah Morris at nmorris@oppinc.com asap.

Prepare your short video snip:

a. Dress in your favorite A-Team Gear or just wear Green.

b. You can make a big sign with the “BE AWARE” logo too.

c. Prepare your “AWARENESS STATEMENT” – what do you want the world to be aware of when it comes to MY WORK, MY LIFE, MY HOME, MY CHOICE?

Be sure to mention…

1. Your Name

2. Your A-Team state or chapter

3. Your Awareness Statement ……

4. Say “A-Team USA supports Disability Awareness Month!”

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