VOICE Your CHOICE: Stop the Build Back Better Act – Work Choice is at RISK!

Stop the Build Back Better Act – Work Choice is at RISK! 


The Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Act has been passed by the House of Representatives. It will now go to the US Senate for a vote.  If it becomes law, it will provide incentives to states to eliminate Special Wage Provision 14(c) pre-vocational programs that many A-Team family members depend on to work.  


The Build Back Better Act includes incentives to states to eliminate 14 (c) pre-vocational programs in Section 22201, which describes the CIE Transformation Grant Program. This program attracts states to eliminate work centers with $300 million in grants. If the Special Minimum Wage provision (14(c)) is eliminated, you or your loved one may lose the choice to work in a setting that uses this certificate.


   The A-Team is calling on all advocates to Call Your Senators! Call your Senator’s office and tell them not to vote for the BBB Act unless Section 22201 is removed! Share your story and the importance of WORK CHOICE.  If you prefer, email your Senators through their website.  Tell them why your work/your loved one’s work and 14c are so important and not to eliminate 14c. Vote NO to the BBB unless Section 22201 is removed. Senators phone numbers and email contact info are given at https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm  

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