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On November 15, 2019, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a public briefing to discuss the law that enables Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)) to pay a Special Minimum Wage Provision 14(c) to people with disabilities in work training.

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  • The Special Minimum Wage Provision 14c of the law is a vital tool that enables CRPs to offer work training programs for individuals with significant disabilities who choose to work in an environment where they have friendships, support and purposeful
  • Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities benefit from work training
  • The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Hearing did not present the Special Minimum Wage Provision 14c and work training programs in a fair and balanced manner. Of the 20 professionals on the panel, only 2 supported the importance of work training programs.
  • A report will follow this Hearing and it is feared the Commission will recommend elimination of work training programs that use the Special Minimum Wage Provision


  • The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is accepting comments on this issue by email or letter. Comments are due by December 15,
  • If you value work training CHOICE offered by your local CRP, it is vital to SPEAK UP!
  • Family members, friends, self-advocates all must
  • Consider the following simple statements:
    • I work at (name of CRP) and I support 14(c)”
    • “I am a parent/ family member/caregiver/friend of an individual who works at a CRP, and I fully support 14(c).
    • Add your personal story!


A-Team Grassroots System Inc. 501 c (4)


  1. We as a family and members of the A-Team WI are in favor of keeping 14(c) in place. We have 2 daughter who have benefited from this special wage. Both suffer from mental illness and are not able to compete in a public work setting but have succeeded in an environment where 14(c) is in place. They know the dignity of learning, success, earning a wage and happiness plus choice. They do not sit at home thinking of their problems, smile everyday at work and enjoy life. They have also learned coping skills, how to interact with people of all skill levels and the direct results of hard work. Please visit a site in your area and for yourself what it is like before passing legislation. You had to learn to drive before going out on the highway, now learn how people with unique abilities live and work. Thank you. Dave and Ginny Weigand A-Team members and supporters of Opportunities Inc.


  2. To Whom It May Concern: I Sam Graham of Wilkes Vocational Services doesn’t want the minimum wages to be eliminated from WVS because I don’t want to lose any of the work that I’m doing there such as: shredding paper, painting bird houses, attending the Wilkes Community College classroom offered at WVS, going on field trips with my friends & having Christmas Song Programs with my friends. I’m asking please continue the minimum wages with WVS so that Wilkes Vocational Services can continue the work tasks I’m doing!! Thank You, Sam Graham


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