A-Team Delaware Story:

(From the ACCSES Newsletter – shared from A-Team Delaware) :

Caregiver wages were on the agenda in Delaware this week, too.  Delaware advocates testified yesterday before a Joint Finance Committee hearing, arguing that the funding for caregivers in the Governor’s proposed budget does not align with what the General Assembly intended in 2018, when it unanimously passed legislation to increase the state hourly rate paid by the state “to subsidize services provided by caregivers for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.”  As Delaware advocate, Micki Edelsohn noted during her testimony, “Let this be the legislature that does the right thing, the legislature that funds the system as necessary and preserves a workforce that benefits us all. . . . Until that happens, I, like thousands of other family members across the state, will remain awake at night worrying what will happen to our loved ones when we are gone.”   Read the complete story here.

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